Regular inspections

The plant technology for fluorination is governed by a large number of regulations, in particular the Product Safety Act and the associated technical rules and standards.

The technical rules set out in the regulations reflect the state of the art as well as occupational health and hygiene in accordance with the rules and other proven findings regarding occupational safety. When applying the measures set out by way of example in the technical rules, the presumption of compliance with the provisions of the relevant regulation may be invoked. In addition to regulations, technical rules and standards in the field of plant engineering, guidelines are often developed by interested parties, providing the user with additional assistance.

We provide assistance with compliance with the regulation:

“The operation of installations requiring monitoring, including fluorination plants, is regulated in the Operational Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV), which came into force on 3 October 2002 and was last amended on 18 November 2017. This regulation and technical rules on the provision of work equipment and use at work, the safety of operating installations requiring annual monitoring and occupational safety and health in a single regulation together. The regulations for installations subject to supervision regulate the permit, the initial and the periodic inspection. They focus on possible dangers that can arise from pressure, explosions and fires as well as when hoisting persons or goods. They prescribe comprehensive protection concepts with the three basic modules “risk assessment,” “determination of suitable protective measures with information and training” and “testing of work equipment.” The inspection interval is dictated not only by the legislation specifying maximum inspection intervals; operators and monitoring organizations increasingly decide on their own whether to fully exploit the deadlines set or whether to schedule inspections sooner”